BRICS Civil Forum 2024: Paving the Way for Equitable Global Development

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The 10th BRICS Civil Forum, held on July 3-4, 2024, in Moscow, focused on "Strengthening Multilateralism for Equitable Global Development and Security." The event underscored the commitment of BRICS nations to tackle global challenges through cooperation and mutual respect.

Key Discussions and Themes

Fair Development Goals and Human Potential

Participants delved into strategies for achieving fair development goals, emphasizing the importance of education and the development of human potential. Discussions highlighted the need for equitable access to education and opportunities for all citizens within BRICS nations.

Economic and Financial Sovereignty

The forum explored sovereign economic and financial development, addressing the challenges and opportunities for BRICS countries to enhance their economic independence and resilience. The emphasis was on creating sustainable economic policies that benefit all member nations.

Technology and Ethics

Ethics in new technologies was a crucial topic, with debates on how to balance technological advancement with ethical considerations. The discussions aimed at ensuring that technology serves the public good without compromising moral values.

Public Health and Human Welfare

Public health and human welfare were at the forefront, with Margret Molefe, Executive Deputy Chairperson of the South African BRICS Youth Association, stressing the importance of a healthy population for sustainable development. She noted that robust public health initiatives are fundamental to the well-being of citizens in BRICS+ countries.

Environment and Social Justice

Environmental issues, energy transition, and social justice were also key topics. The forum aimed to formulate actionable proposals to address these pressing concerns, ensuring that development is both sustainable and inclusive.


The BRICS Civil Forum 2024 successfully fostered dialogue and cooperation among BRICS nations, generating proposals to be presented to BRICS leaders. The event highlighted the collective commitment to creating a fairer, more just global society through strengthened multilateralism and mutual respect.


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